Do you struggle with managing your money? Have you been searching for a tool to keep all of your financial information in one place? 

The Ultimate Budget Binder was created to help you take control of your finances. It starts with getting organized. 

    Everything You Need To Know About The Ultimate Budget Binder

    What is a budget binder?

    A budget binder is a simple tool used to help manage your money. Track your income and savings goals, stay on top of your bills, pay off debt, and finally stick to a monthly budget! It provides a space to save all of the important financial information you may need in the future. The best thing about a budget binder is that you can customize it to fit your pay schedule, spending habits, and financial goals.

    I spent years using (but mostly ignoring) budgeting apps and struggling to keep up with cash envelopes. One day, I decided that I needed to get back to the basics and manage my money with pen and paper. However, I got frustrated when I couldn’t find a budget binder that included everything I needed for my lifestyle. Let’s be honest; in order to motivate me to take control of my finances, it also had to look cute.

    So, I decided to create my own budget binder. I spent countless hours working to make it as comprehensive as possible. I showed it to some friends, and they were impressed and eager to get their hands on a copy. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one that felt this way!

    If you do not have a budgeting system or are looking for a new strategy, The Ultimate Budget Binder can help you organize your finances and achieve your financial goals!

      Here's what you'll get

      This 56-page printable budget planner comes with everything you need to set and achieve your financial goals, create a budget, track your spending, prepare for emergencies, pay off debt and have the freedom to spend your money how you want.

      The Ultimate Budget Binder: Section Overview

      Goal Setting Like a Pro

      If you are not working towards a specific goal, you’re more likely to overspend or skimp on saving. Studies have also shown that you’re more likely to accomplish a goal if you write it down. For that reason, you will start by brainstorming short, mid, and long-term goals. You’ll choose a few to focus on, and then I’ll ask you to think about WHY it’s important for you to achieve them. This is probably the most important part of budgeting, yet it’s rarely discussed. Your “why” will keep you going when you feel like giving up.

      Within the Goal Setting section, I’ll also show you how to break bigger financial goals into smaller milestones. Again, this strategy will keep you motivated along the way. You will also brainstorm ways to save money and make extra money to achieve your goals faster. I’ve included monthly and weekly calendars so that you can keep up with target dates, bill due dates, and other important notes and tasks.

      Budgeting Like a Pro

      I’ve included two budgeting templates for you to use depending on how many expenses and accounts you have. You’ll be able to compare your actual spending to what you expected or budgeted for. There are no dates on the budget printables; therefore, you can use them to budget monthly or by paycheck. I’ve also included an annual overview so that you can track your spending and savings progress overtime.

      Tracking Your Progress

      Setting a budget is the easy part – following it is more challenging. There are several templates to help track your income, daily expenses, bill payments, savings, debt payments, donations, etc.

      For example, the Sinking Fund tracker can be used to track large expenses that you are saving up for throughout the year. Many people have sinking funds for holiday gifts, insurance premiums, property taxes, etc. Essentially, you’ll divide the total amount by the number of months left until the due date. Save the extra cash in a separate savings account, and when the due date comes around, the large bill won’t throw off your other financial goals.

      The Debt Repayment tracker not only helps you keep up with payments that are due, but it also helps you develop a debt payoff strategy to get rid of it. For example, you can order your debts from highest interest rate to lowest interest rate and pay them off that way. Or, you can order them from smallest balance to largest balance. The most important thing you can do when paying off debt is to develop a strategy and stick with it!

      Account Information

      This is a section where you can keep all of your account log-in information in one place. There are pages for your bank account information, credit card details, and billing accounts. This information is especially important if something happened to you and a partner or family member needed access to your accounts.

      Motivation to Keep Going

      Lastly, I included my favorite quotes and money affirmations to keep you motivated. There’s even space for you to add your own!

        How to Use The Ultimate Budget Binder

        Have you been living paycheck to paycheck? Do you frequently miss bills? Do you have a habit of overspending and living off your credit card?

        If the way you’ve been managing your money is not working, and you’re finally ready to take control of your finances, The Ultimate Budget Binder is for you. Learn to live on a budget, pay off debt, save for emergencies, and plan for future expenses. 

        Budgets don’t have to be restrictive! Instead of wondering where your money went at the end of the month, tell it where to go. YOU have complete freedom over how you spend your money. You can use any budgeting method you’d like, including zero-based budgeting or the 50/20/30 method. You can also continue using a cash envelope system along with this budget binder. Writing everything down on paper will help you get a clear view of your financial situation. No more hiding from it! Your finances will be easier to manage, and you’ll learn how to set and achieve your financial goals. 

        The tracking sheets in The Ultimate Budget Binder can be printed over and over to meet your needs. All of the printables are also not dated, so that you can use them at any time! Many people store their budget binder printables in three-ring binders. Additionally, you will get all four color options when you purchase this product. That will allow you to customize your budget binder however you’d like. If you’d prefer to save paper, the PDF files are editable so that you can update them on your electronic devices.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Who is this budget binder for?

        Anyone can use The Ultimate Budget Binder! There are printables that you can use at any stage of your financial journey, whether your goal is to pay off debt or you’re already debt-free. I intentionally left the “categories” of the budget sheets blank, so this budget binder is fully customizable. Chances are you won’t need to use all of the pages – pick and choose which ones work best for you.

        Is this a physical or digital product?

        The Ultimate Budget Binder is an instant digital download. You can either print it from your home computer or send it to a local printing store to print!

        What makes this budget binder unique?

        ★ This product is EDITABLE. The fields and checkboxes are all functional, so you can type into them before you print it out, or you can use the digital version to stay organized!

        ★ UNLIMITED PRINTING. These digital files are yours forever — print as many copies as you want.

        ★ The Ultimate Budget Binder is CUSTOMIZABLE. Only print the pages you need. You also get all of the color options!

        How long will it take for me to set up my budget binder?

        I recommend setting up one month at a time. It should take no longer than 20 minutes to get started! After that, set a “money date” daily, weekly, or monthly to track your spending and goal progress. 

        "I love the goal setting debt repayment page with the progress tracker and percentages. Making you think about why you're paying off the debt is next level and I love that it makes you put your intentions on paper."
        Maryann O.
        "The design is great and I think the layouts are good. Love the 'grateful for debt' section. I agree, it's good to be grateful for bills and debt. I think the questions/prompts are helpful."

        Roxanne D.

          About the Creator

          My name is Jazzy, and I am a personal finance blogger dedicated to helping millennials (and millennials at heart) take charge of their finances and start profitable side hustles.

          I learned how to manage my money and build a profitable online business after trying TONS of different side hustles. TBH, there’s a lot of judgmental advice on the internet about money. I love showing people not only how to win with money, but how to have FUN while building wealth.

          If the way you’ve been managing your money is not working, and you’re finally ready to take control of your finances, The Ultimate Budget Binder is for you. Learn to live on a budget, pay off debt, save for emergencies, and plan for the future.