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Best Side Hustles for Teachers: How to Earn Extra Money

Teachers often juggle multiple responsibilities and may find themselves seeking opportunities to earn extra money outside of their regular teaching duties. Side hustles can be an excellent way for educators to leverage their skills and knowledge to generate additional income. Whether it’s during the summer months, weekends, or after-school hours, there are numerous side hustles suited to teachers looking to boost their earnings.

Many teachers have turned to tutoring students as a natural extension of their professional expertise. It’s a side hustle that not only utilizes your teaching skills but also offers the flexibility to set your own hours and rates. For those more inclined toward the digital space, creating and selling educational materials online is another popular choice. Moreover, engaging in side jobs such as coaching extracurricular activities or facilitating workshops can enrich your professional practice while providing a financial boost.

Diving into side hustles enables you to explore various interests and entrepreneurial pursuits. Whether you’re looking to pay down debt, save for a vacation, or simply enjoy the gratification that comes with earning extra money, there are tons of side hustles for teachers that can align with your unique skills and passions. As a teacher, you have valuable expertise that can translate into a variety of lucrative opportunities.

What is a Side Hustle?

Before diving into the nitty-gritty, you need to understand precisely what a side hustle is and how it can be a game-changer, especially if you’re looking to supplement your income during the school year.

Defining a Side Hustle

What sets a side hustle apart from a part-time job is the flexibility and passion that typically drive it. A side hustle is a venture you pursue outside of your regular employment, often fueled by an interest or a skill you’re eager to develop. It’s a way to earn extra money on your own terms, with the autonomy to decide how much time and effort you want to invest.

Benefits for Teachers

For teachers, who might feel underpaid considering their significant contribution to society, a side hustle during the school year can be particularly beneficial. Not only does it offer financial stability, but it also provides a creative outlet and a chance to explore new professional landscapes. Identifying the best side hustles that resonate with your skills and schedule can add a valuable income stream—a unique opportunity in a profession where securing economic breathing room is often challenging.

Online Tutoring and Education Platforms

In this digital age, educators have the unique opportunity to extend their teaching skills beyond the traditional classroom. Platforms like Wyzant and Udemy offer teachers a path to share their expertise with a global audience. Let’s explore how you can leverage these virtual spaces to enrich your teaching experience and income.

Virtual Tutoring

As a teacher, you already possess a valuable skill set that is in high demand online. Online tutoring is a flexible option allowing you to set your own hours and rates. Platforms such as Varsity Tutors and TeachAway provide a space where you can offer assistance in subjects ranging from the basics like math or English to specialized exams such as the SAT, ACT, or GRE. 

If you’re an ESL or English teacher, your expertise is particularly sought after. Use your teaching experience to deliver personalized learning experiences that can truly make a difference in someone’s educational journey.

Creating and Selling Educational Materials

Are you adept at creating engaging lesson plans or curriculums? Transform your knowledge into sellable resources on platforms like TeachersPayTeachers. It’s an online marketplace where educators buy and sell original educational materials. Skilled teachers can also craft comprehensive online courses and host them on websites like Skillshare, where millions are eager to learn new skills. 

From educational materials to full online classes, creating content that you’re passionate about can be both a fulfilling side hustle and a powerful way to support other educators and students alike.

Freelance Opportunities

Teachers are uniquely positioned to thrive in the freelance sector, leveraging their skills to generate extra income. Whether it be through content creation or bookkeeping, educators have the opportunity to monetize their expertise in various side jobs. Here are some specific freelance opportunities to explore.

Content Creation

Crafting educational content can be a great side hustle for teachers. If you have a professional camera, consider freelance photography to sell your images online or offer them to educational publishers. Alternatively, podcasting on platforms like Spotify can help you reach a broader audience, sharing insights from your teaching experience.

Writing and Proofreading

Your aptitude for language can translate to a successful freelance writing or proofreading venture. Working as a freelance writer on websites such as Fiverr or UpWork, you can offer your services for everything from blog posts to academic papers. Similarly, a proofreader can find a multitude of gigs refining and improving written material.

Virtual Assistance

The organizational skills you’ve honed in the classroom can be invaluable in a role as a virtual assistant. Handle correspondence, schedule management, and other administrative tasks remotely. This flexible side job can often fit around a teacher’s schedule and is steadily in demand.

Bookkeeping Services

If numbers are your strength, offer your services in bookkeeping. Many small businesses and sole proprietors look for skilled bookkeepers to manage their finances. Becoming a part-time bookkeeper can be a particularly lucrative side job, with tools and consulting services available to help you get started.

Selling Products and Crafts Online

In the digital age, teachers have unique opportunities to supplement their income by selling products and crafts online. Whether you’re creating handmade goods or digital downloads, there are numerous platforms to showcase and sell your work.

Marketplaces for Handmade Goods

Crafting handmade items can be both a passion and a lucrative side hustle. Etsy is a premier online marketplace that has made it simpler for teachers to monetize their creativity. From customized classroom decorations to educational toys, Etsy provides an avenue for your crafts to reach a global market.

It’s not just Etsy, though. The Facebook Marketplace allows for the sale of handcrafted goods locally, expanding your reach. Other marketplaces such as Craigslist and OfferUp serve as additional channels for teachers to turn crafts into cash.

Here’s a quick guide to start selling:

  • Etsy:
    • Create an account and set up your shop.
    • List items with high-quality photos and detailed descriptions.
    • Set competitive prices considering the cost of materials and time.
  • Facebook Marketplace:
    • Snap clear photos of your items.
    • Write concise and compelling item descriptions.
    • Engage promptly with potential buyers.

Digital Downloads

If crafting isn’t your forté, consider creating digital downloads—a segment of online sales with minimal overhead after the initial creation. Teachers Pay Teachers is an excellent platform for educators to sell their original lesson plans, printables, and educational resources. These resources can be downloaded and used by fellow educators, providing a passive income stream.

Just like Etsy, you’ll need to ensure your listings are well-presented with succinct descriptions and imagery that reflects the quality of your work. Consider leveraging REV for transcriptions and captions if creating video content or audio files for language teaching resources.

Getting started with digital products involves:

  • Developing unique content that fills a gap in the market.
  • Ensuring your digital offerings provide real value to fellow educators.
  • Regularly updating your inventory with new, innovative products.

Leveraging Skills and Expertise

Teachers are uniquely equipped with a wealth of knowledge and a skill set that can translate into lucrative side hustles. By identifying your strengths, you can create opportunities that not only supplement your income but also enrich your professional and personal development.

Consulting Services

Your experience in education positions you perfectly to offer consulting services. Schools and educational startups are often on the lookout for professionals who can provide insights on curriculum development, educational technology integration, and teaching strategies. 

If you possess a deep understanding of these areas, consider marketing yourself as an education consultant. You may offer services such as:

  • Curriculum design and assessment
  • Implementation of educational technology
  • Teacher training and professional development workshops

For instance, if you’re experienced in special education, your expertise could be invaluable in crafting personalized learning plans or training educators to better support students with special needs.

Coaching and Personal Development

Coaching is another avenue where teaching skills are highly beneficial. As a coach, you can help clients achieve their personal and professional goals. Your knack for guiding and encouraging students can be repurposed to:

  • Personal development coaching enables individuals to improve their life skills and achieve their personal targets
  • Professional coaching, particularly for those looking to transition into the education sector or enhance their teaching abilities

You might also consider combining coaching with other areas of expertise. For example, if you’re fluent in a second language, you could coach language learners or professionals seeking to improve their language skills for business purposes. Alternatively, as a real estate agent, you could coach first-time homebuyers on the ins and outs of the real estate market.

Summer and Seasonal Jobs

Exploring summer and seasonal job opportunities during the school break can be a rewarding way to stay active in the educational field while also earning additional income.

Summer School Teaching

Your local school district may offer a summer school program, which is a great way to continue teaching without the full-year commitment. In summer school, you’re not just helping students academically but also providing meaningful engagement over the summer break. Positions can often be found by inquiring at local schools or checking district job postings.

Camp Counseling

Summer camp counseling is an excellent opportunity for teachers to apply their skills in a more relaxed, outdoor setting. As a summer camp counselor, you can create a fun and educational experience for kids during the summer months. These positions can be found through community boards, local camp websites, or referrals from fellow educators.

Passive Income Strategies

Passive income can transform your financial landscape by providing earnings on autopilot. For teachers, this means making money while focusing on the classroom or enjoying leisure time. Let’s explore how self-publishing and affiliate marketing can become lucrative avenues for educators.


With platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), self-publishing is a viable option for teachers to share their expertise. You can write and publish books on a variety of teaching-related topics—perhaps a guide on innovative classroom strategies or a series of workbooks for students. The benefit here is that after the initial effort of writing and uploading your book, the sales can generate income with little to no ongoing work.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to monetize your online presence. By partnering with companies to promote their products, you can earn commissions on sales generated through your unique affiliate links. For instance, if you have videos or a blog where you discuss educational tools or resources, inserting affiliate links within your content could provide a steady stream of income as your audience makes purchases through those links.

Ridesharing and Delivery Services

Ridesharing and delivery services offer a flexible way for teachers to earn extra cash. These popular side jobs can be easily woven into your existing schedule, allowing you to make money on your terms.

Driving for Rideshare Apps

Apps like Uber and Lyft have revolutionized the way people travel and opened new avenues for side jobs. As a teacher, you can turn your vehicle into a money-making asset. You get to set your own schedule, providing a convenient option to work only when you have spare time, such as after school hours or on weekends.

  • Requirements:
    • Valid driver’s license
    • Meet app-specific vehicle standards
    • Pass a background check

Food and Package Delivery

For those who prefer not to have passengers, delivering food and packages with DoorDash, Uber Eats, or Instacart could be the perfect alternative. These platforms offer similar flexibility, allowing you to choose when and where you deliver, aligning with your teaching commitments and personal preferences.

  • Potential Earnings:
    • Payments are typically per delivery
    • Tips can increase overall earnings

In both of these service types, you control how much time you invest, which makes them ideal for teachers looking to supplement their income with a side hustle that doesn’t interfere with their primary job.

Home and Pet Care Services

For educators looking to supplement their income, home and pet care services offer lucrative opportunities. Platforms like Airbnb have popularized house-sitting, while Rover and Wag have made pet-sitting more accessible.

House Sitting

While homeowners are away, they often need someone to care for their residence, which can include tasks such as watering plants, collecting mail, and maintaining a presence for security. House sitting not only provides additional income but can also offer a change of scenery and the comfort of a home environment. It’s a way to travel without the cost of accommodation by staying in various locations, from a city apartment to a country house.

Pet Sitting

For animal enthusiasts, pet sitting through apps like Rover or Wag can be a deeply fulfilling side hustle. It involves caring for pets in the absence of their owners. Services might include feeding, administering medication, and providing companionship. You can also offer dog walking services, which add a fitness component to your routine. Being a pet sitter not only gives you the joy of bonding with animals but also brings in extra income, with the potential for regular gigs if customers appreciate your care.

Creating and Monetizing Online Content

Teachers also have unique opportunities to leverage their expertise by creating and monetizing online content. This endeavor not only allows educators to share knowledge beyond the classroom but can establish a lucrative side hustle with the potential for significant growth and passive income.


Starting a blog can be the cornerstone of your content creation journey. It’s a platform where you can write articles, share insights, and connect with a wider audience. To monetize your blog, consider using advertising platforms such as Google AdSense, or affiliating with educational programs that offer products or services related to your content. The key to successful blogging is consistent, value-driven content that establishes your credibility and increases traffic to your site.

  • Choose a niche: Align your blog topics with your teaching expertise.
  • Engage with your readers: Respond to comments to build community.
  • Monetize your expertise: Offer paid resources or memberships.

YouTube channel and Podcasting

Creating a YouTube channel provides a dynamic platform for educators to produce engaging videos in various formats, from instructional content to personal vlogs. Teachers can monetize their channels through YouTube’s Partner Program, which allows them to earn money through ad revenue, channel memberships, and more.

  • Invest in good equipment: Quality audio and video enhance viewer experience.
  • Optimize your content: Use keywords and SEO strategies to increase visibility.

Meanwhile, starting a podcast allows you to dive deep into subjects you’re passionate about. Podcasting is an intimate medium that fosters a close connection with your audience. You can eventually pursue sponsorships or incorporate advertisements once you’ve built a sizable listenership.

Exploring Local and Remote Opportunities

As a teacher looking for a side gig, you’re in a unique position to leverage both your educational expertise and personal interests. By exploring local and remote opportunities, you can find a part-time or freelance role that not only complements your teaching schedule but also brings in welcome extra income.

Part-Time Work in Education

If you prefer to stay within the educational field, local opportunities abound. Schools and learning centers often seek qualified educators for after-school programs or weekend workshops. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Tutoring: In-person or online, tailor sessions to student needs.
  • Test Prep: Help students prepare for exams like the SAT or ACT.
  • Adult Education: Teach evening courses at community colleges or centers.

Meanwhile, remote opportunities can be just as rewarding. Online platforms enable you to teach, mentor, or create educational content from home. For instance, you can join FlexJobs for a wide range of remote job opportunities.

Diverse Income Streams

Stepping outside of education opens the door to various side hustles that can align with your interests and skills. Consider the following:

  • Online Surveys and Focus Groups: Earn by providing your opinion on various products and services.
  • Freelance Writing: Create content on educational topics or your hobbies.
  • E-commerce: Sell lesson plans or educational materials created by you.

Local opportunities like portable hot tub rentals have provided substantial income for some educators, as highlighted in this creative side hustle. Such in-demand ventures demonstrate that thinking outside the box could be quite profitable.

Identifying the right mix of education-centric and alternative side jobs allows you to build a portfolio of side hustles that not only bolsters your bank account but also enriches your professional and personal life.

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